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Specialist Behavior Intervention:

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Our Specialist Behaviour Intervention service work with clients identified with specific high level of risk usually linked to behavior of concerns. Our Specialist work with consumers, their family/carers. Where possible, we provide specialized trainings to staff to implement positive behaviour support plan and develop individualized program based on identified strengths. Our Specialist Intervention and Support Coordination are coupled together to achieve the best outcome for you.
The Specialist Behavioral Professional will work with you to:

Conduct Initial Assessment

Using a bio-psychosocial mode of care, discuss identified challenges with you and map out priorities in the context of your daily functioning

Manage and work with your core support networks (carer, GP, psychiatrist, psychologist, CMHS) to develop or manage intervention plans for behavior of concerns

Offer broad range of social work services, including referral, therapy and counseling programs for consumers, families and carers

Work with significant carers and social support to understand client’s needs and provide behavioural interventions to support workers and social connections.

Support programs that enhance the development of new coping and social skills to manage behavior of concerns

Develop plan responsive to your needs

Resolve critical incident and address underlying issues triggering incidents


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