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Therapy Support for Individuals

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Our therapy program for individuals, families and group is built on the principles of safety, mindfulness and compassion. Our Therapist will provide interventions in collaboration with other specialist in a multidisciplinary setting, and enable person centred behavioural management program, to improve skills and participation in social and community engagements. Our focus is for our consumers to be independent according to their levels of individual development, and be able to manage daily and practicable activities of daily living.
Our Therapeutic programmes are culturally sensitive and clients have the rights to choose who their therapist is or discontinue with a therapist. We support you to exercise your rights and our commitment is to understand and identify ways of supporting clients recovery using their strengths in the context of daily functioning to guide treatment.

Management of health needs

Evidence based therapeutic intervention in a multidisciplinary settings

Consumer centred in collaboration with carers, families and identified support system

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