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Accommodation & Respite:

Our service provides quality 24-hour support for individuals across all ages. Our homes are modern, comfortable and relaxed with the option for rooms to be decorated to the individuals liking. Our staff members are skilled and professional, and are able to support individuals to engage in the local community and help build on independent living skills. Please contact us today to discuss your accommodation options.
Our practice is also a registered Specialist Disability Accommodation service with the NDIS. We have extensive experience in supporting individuals to exercise choice and control in finding accommodation that is right for them.
Our accommodation services include:

Therapeutic residential care

Senami Counselling and Therapeutic Services provide Therapeutic residential care to children and young person in a home like environment (not a carer's own home). Our Therapeutic residential care is primarily for individuals with complex to extreme support needs who require an intensive level of therapeutic care and are unable to be appropriately placed in other forms of out-of- home care.
Our Therapeutic residential care operates in a small group (maximum of 2 per houses) and may also accommodate sibling groups. Our Therapeutic residential care uses a Positive Behavior Model and is conducive to young people recovering from the impact of physical, psychological and emotional trauma and pain resulting from their experience of harm or risk of harm.

Supported Independent Living

Supported independent living is provided to individuals in residential premises (not a carer's or young person's own home) by our trained staff. In cases, where the client is able to live independently and only requires moderate intervention and community access support.
Supported independent living involves individual or small group living and is most suited for people with moderate to complex support needs who are transitioning to independent living.

Respite Care (Own-Home or Centre Based)

Respite Care Program is available for both own-home respite and Centre-based respite (respite homes) at our emergency facility. For carers in need of a break, our support carers offer a short-term in-home service to keep everyone happy. Always professional and compassionate, our specialist staff take time to understand every client’s needs, whether that means undertaking specific domestic duties and preparing meals or helping with grooming and medication management. It's a great option for carers who nee

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