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Youth and children


How we work:

We provide caring, respectful, non-judgmental, empathic service. Guiding you to develop self-awareness and promote your individual well being. Our Practice is committed to providing intensive support, Counselling, Case Management and Psychotherapy services to achieve positive outcomes for clients. Our work is person-centred and uses personal interests and normative commitments to increase individuals’ awareness of their core values and assist them to translate this awareness into a concrete intervention plan.

Our Counselling Programs:

  • Counselling for Indigenous Australians, migrants, refugees and minority groups
  • Family counselling
  • Marriage and relationship counselling
  • Parenting and Psycho-social education
  • Domestic violence
  • Personal problems

Central to our mission is the belief that neighborhood organisations are invaluable partners and as a result, we aim to work with other stakeholders in the community where necessary to achieve a robust and positive outcome for our clients.

Mental Health:





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  • Level 2, 307 Peachy Road, Munno Para
  • dear.counsellor@senamicounselling.com.au
  • 0413 209 033

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