Perinatal Non-directive Pregnancy Support Counselling

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Perinatal Non-directive Pregnancy Support Counselling

Respecting and empowering YOU to find your own answer.

Are you overwhelmed by your pregnancy? Our non-directive pregnancy support counselling is a three-session program that aims to resolve issues through self-exploration and self-understanding of your current situations. We acknowledge that you are the expert on your life histories, changes and choices. You will explore your own current life-stage and value and at the end of the sessions be able to contribute to self-awareness and facilitate decision-making. We will respectfully explore options you identify and be guided by your values and priorities.
To contribute to a comfortable decision from our clients, our Counsellor will provide accurate and unbiased information on:

Pregnancy related counselling and information

Parenting support services

Pregnancy and birth care

Adoption and pregnancy termination related information

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